Konrad 10

Typical Czech beer, light and refreshing. Brewed with the best ingredients, it perfectly quenches thirst. The beer has a rather intense hoppy-sweet aroma, it is poured with a nice foam cap, which stays for a few minutes. The taste of 10 from Konrad is hoppy, well composed with malt beer content. Beer is light, but there is no watery matter.

Alcohol content: 4%
10% extract

Konrad 11

Very clear lager with a golden color. A large, whipped foam that falls very slowly and sticks to the walls. Carbonation quite intense. The fragrance is dominated by typically pilsic notes, a mixture of malt and crisp, not very intense hopiness. The beer taste is extremely hoppy. Added to this is light malt, quite briskness, and a total lack of alcoholic odor, metallic or cereal flavors.

Alcohol content: 4.8%
11% extract

Konrad 12

Pasteurized lager from a traditional Czech brewery using its own spring water from the Jizera Mountains, its own malt and ┼╗atec hops. Beer produced to celebrate the name of Josaph Konrad, a former brewer from Vratislavice.

Alcohol content: 5.2%
12% extract

Konrad 11 Gepard

Unfiltered, expressive beer. Brewed from American hops, they are characterized by strong bitterness.

Alcohol content: 5%
11% extract