Kozel 10

Czech lager in the pure gold color! The taste is clear, strong bitterness, with slightly noticeable malty notes in the background. White foam, moderately abundant, consists of medium bubbles and large bubbles. It drops like avalanche in a few seconds and reduces to zero in less than five minutes. Pleasant smell, appetizing, malty and hoppy. A golden label with a goat encourages you to try it.

Alcohol content: 4%
10% extract

Kozel cerny

Black Kozel is a very light beer made on the basis of roasted malt. Its color is brown and burgundy compared to real black stouts or porters, relatively light. Caramel aroma. The taste is delicate, also caramel, although roasted malt definitely dominates, which gives a sour-bitter aftertaste and is perfectly combined with hop bitterness.

Alcohol content: 3.8%
10% extract