Gambrinus 10

Light beer brewed by the Plzensky Prazdroj brewery. The beer has an increased content of malt and hops, thanks to which it is full of flavor. However, Gambrinus’s balanced character has been preserved. It is still a refreshing beer with a humming aroma and a rich taste with a malty note, medium bitterness and a touch of ester accents.

Alcohol content: 4.3%
10% extract

Gambrinus 11

Brewed by Pivovar Plzeňský Prazdroj, from the Czech city of Plzeň. Light gold color, perfectly clear. White foam, high when poured, consists of thick blisters. Pretty quickly falls into a low sheepskin decorating the glass. Hop aroma, with malty notes, medium intense. The taste is clearly malty, with noticeable medium hop bitterness at the finish. Medium carbonation. Available in green 0.5l bottles and cans of the same capacity.

Alcohol content: 4.57%
11% extract

Gambrinus 12

Light golden, clear beer. Abundant, high foam, mainly composed of thick blisters. It falls slowly, intensively sticking to the walls. Not very intense aroma. Composed mainly of malt and hops notes. The taste of the beer is slightly sweet. In addition to malt accents, moderate-high bitterness occurs here. Very refreshing. High carbonation.

Alcohol content: 5%
12% extract