Budweiser 10

Light, pasteurized beer, produced in the Budweiser brewery from Żatec hops, I would add for the curious that it contains crystal clear water from artesian wells. The color is light gold, the beer itself is clear and transparent. Thick, creamy-white foam creates a pleasant cap after pouring. Saturation quite high. The aroma is typical for Czech beers – light, crisp, bready and hoppy. The taste is not too bitter or overly sweet, it is a perfectly balanced flavor with malt.

Alcohol content: 4%
10% extract

Budweiser 12

Budweiser is almost legendary beer, one of the most famous Czech beers. It is created only in České Budějovice, thanks to which it tastes exactly the same on every continent. The tradition of brewing Budweiser beer according to the original recipe has been unchanged for 700 years. Sensational taste, mild and at the same time pronounced with a aftertaste of light bitterness. Deep color and perfect saturation are its additional advantages.

Alcohol content: 5%
11% extract

Budweiser Dark

Unpasteurized, barley beer brewed according to the traditional recipe from spring water and appropriately selected malt of the highest quality. Thanks to its unique recipe, it maintains a perfect harmony between the characteristic bitterness and hop flavor. This beer at the World Beer Championships won a silver medal and 88 points out of 100.

Alcohol content: 4.7%
12% extract