SVIJANY brand represents traditional beer typical for Czech Republic. It’s made from high quality water from our own wells and specially selected types of barley malt from a small independent companies with a Fiaz Saaz hops which are cropped in Polepská blata, an exceptional hop production region. Our brewing process is based on a method used in a second half of 20th century by all Czech breweries. It characterizes with double mash brewing, long hop boiling an open tub fermentation and long maturation in a delaying tank with a special attention given to every step of the whole process. We dont do any chemical treatment to the beer and we provide it unpasteurized so it’s a “live” beer experience. Because of that we can deliver a clean hop taste and save the aroma within the beer. Svijany Brewery is a proerty of Czech Republic and it remains as one of the few national breweries.